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Honey for Health


Honey For Health

Some of our natural and home remedies are still recommended by doctors. Honey is one such natural product; by which one regains energy and strengthens the weakness after an illness. This treatment was practiced in the ancient times and it is called ‘Apitherapy’.

Honey contains simple sugar fructose and glucose and also the ingredients like water, organic acids, pollen, enzymes and many proteins.

It has the therapeutic effect on the body; it calms stress and helps the body to regain the lost physical stamina and strength. If applied externally over the wounds, chapped lips it disinfects and heals the minor wounds. It relieves indigestion, few cardiovascular diseases and respiratory problems can be treated. It induces a good sleep, thus relaxing the mind and body.

Its simple sugars are quickly and easily digested and absorbed by the body. It gives a soothing effect as its glucose and fructose are pre-digested by the natural assistants; bees.

In the modern age, honey slightly contains the negligible; small traces of residues of the industrial emissions and chemicals despite the stringent filtration being done by the bees.

Tips and Uses

There are many kinds of honey; it depends on the flower’s fragrance and taste. Its better, if bought from the beekeepers as its pollution free than the natural beehive and honey sellers.

Use as an alternate sweetening agent and never feed the unpasteurized honey to the infants as its bacteria is dangerous for their low body immunity. Consume in small quantities as, one tbsp contains sixty-four calories if compared with one tbsp of granulated sugar that has only forty-six calories.

For relaxing honey bath, use two oz of honey and five drops of lavender in your bath water. If the honey is too thick, place the mixture

of honey and lavender in some container and in the warm water few minutes. Later, mix with the bath water. It relaxes and induces a good sleep combating insomnia.

For external use, if applied over minor cuts and abrasions it reduces the swelling by draining the excess water from the tissues. It contains a germ killing agent ‘Inhibine’, which helps prevent the infection. Honey can be directly applied on the wound and cover with a sterile bandage.

Hay fever suffers are advised to eat regularly by some. It contains the pollen that, by over some time, gives a desensitising effect; useful for some forms of allergies.

For minor respiratory ailments, take one tsp of finely chopped fresh thyme, mix with honey and take it orally. It relaxes the airways and inflamed lungs. Cough, wheezing, bronchitis can be cured with the mixture of honey and some verities of medicinal herbs.

Note: Not to measure the accuracy as it’s a general information, understanding and a simple home remedy proved as good relief with belief.  23 Feb. 13

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There was always something missing and its now accomplished by this book to kick insides out with a little Love, Abuse (plot-theme deception, mistrust), Friendship and a strange love of a friend.

Helplessness was obvious by some despite the their pretense. All these matters were discussed with a caring effort. May be some where, some would have had experienced. If so, I regret and appreciate if communicated on the related topic.

As the issue’s very touching and especially woman related. All are welcome to debate and which would help me for my next book (which characterize’s a tough lady officer).




this always remained unsolved, debated and biased question with me and other as well. The subject was drilling holes in the head. Sometimes, the first is right and the other way the second????

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Time and Experience

One must comply with the time and experience as it goes the natural way of the life. Sometimes, I wonder if the time lost it value; experience its importance then, where’d I stand.

1.Title Image The Colour of Woman

Well, reading gets knowledge and the writers get the knowledge of the readers. This aspect forced me to record the my poetry and now a book, contemplated a fiction novel.